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Mealtimes can be stressful! 

So let's have some fun with SIMPLE solutions that will change the way you feed your 'picky eater'. All it takes is 5 minutes per day.  

How it works:

  • WATCH the short videos daily (starting Tuesday)
  • TRY the simple tips at home 
  • SHARE an update in the Facebook Group (optional: for a chance to win)

What parents LOVED about the 6-Day Challenge:

  • Ideas to help my child be more adventurous at meals.
  • Tips to reduce stress at meals and have some fun! 
  • Inspiration from other moms with similar issues on how to handle my little eater.
  • Being able to identify and change the way I interact with my children at mealtimes to better support them!
  • Reenergized me to continue trying new foods and stay motivated!
  • New ideas on how to improve my kids' willingness to try foods.
  • I used to love watching him try new food when he was a baby. I found that joy again through this challenge. 
  • It really changed me, my mindset, and how I do dinner time now.
  • Practical one-day-at-a-time things to implement and see if changes happen!
  • Having more relaxed meal times.
  • Connecting with a community of like-minded parents; it's so helpful to have a glimpse into others' mealtimes :) 

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